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choker collection

lycra meets necklace by float

amulet #lycra edition

16 designs, ultra soft lycra & silver

my boyfriend carved a dolphin as birthday present from a piece of driftwood he found on a lonely tropical island. I started wearing it as a necklace.

this is how float was born.

By coincidence the idea arised to create jewellery from driftwood when during a journey around the world two passions, one for travelling and the passion of a relationship in the form of a birthday present, crossed each other.

float is supposed to embody an attitude to life of drifting.

Our mission is to create special jewellery accompanying people on their journey through life – people who value handcraft and having a relation to the ocean and travelling.

the amulet collection

15 lovely designs in 4 colour variations right at your fingertips

the message collection

10 amazing designs waiting ♡

phone cases

style & protection for your favourite travel companion

#summer #travel

beachgold collection

classic shapes, love & detail. fully handmade pieces from driftwood.

# my piece of paradise

beachgold necklaces

the classic necklace collection it all started with.

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