where the journey begins..

the driftwood is collected on one of Bali’s east coast beaches. The wood is covered in powdery sand and bleached out from the tropical sun.



the driftwood is then transported to Bali’s green heart – Ubud. We work with traditional wood-carving families (tukang-kayu) who still do their work like their ancestors.



once it has been carved and sanded until has a perfectly smooth surface, we add fine drops of glinting paint. In another step this colour is gently removed with fine sandpaper to get the unique vintage look. A final gloss guarantees shinyness and protects the surface from scratches. In a last step, fine leather lace is applied to the pendant.


it’s done. unique pieces for you – to accompany you through your everyday adventures – through winds, waves and currents of life.


Schön Dich kennen zu lernen! Wenn Du Fragen hast, schreib uns gerne!