…the beginning of a unique


the winter

The passion to travel – this is probably where it all started. The founders, a couple, decided to travel the world one more time for a „last“ winter trying to escape life’s seriousness in our western world in order to „float“ for some time. Travelling gives us the possibility to see us, friends, everything through different eyes, to encounter ourselves critically, to face challenges, to become different persons, to reach out for life’s possibilities. One of those possibilities occurred, when Chris carved a Dolphin pendant for Nadine’s birthday and she started wearing it as a necklace. They were travelling in Sumbawa, Indonesia, and the material had been found on one of those perfect powdery white sand beaches.


a present for someone
The individuality, the material, the passion&love involved to create this first piece was followed by a lot of curiousness from other female travellers. From this very first piece the idea aroused creating an own fashion label – to be able to keep travelling for many „last“ winters to come.

Life is an ocean

Schön Dich kennen zu lernen! Wenn Du Fragen hast, schreib uns gerne!